Originally founded in 1941, RAFIA INDUSTRIAL company began trading under its present name after being acquired by Armando Alvarez Group in 1987. Since being acquired, the company has invested extensively in up-to-date technology, investments that have allowed us to expand our highly-qualified work force and provide the constant training required to fulfill the needs both of our clients and of a constantly-evolving market.

All investments made to date, and those to me made in the future, share these aims:

  • To guarantee a high standard of service to our customers
  • To tailor delivery schedules to customer requirements
  • To ensure that our products are of the best quality
  • To care for the environment
  • To develop new ranges of products

As a result of adopting these principles, our customers put their trust in our products – products that adapt perfectly to the demands of modern filling and packaging plants.

Getting advantage of the synergies created with the rest of the group companies and our highly knowledge of textile production accumulated after 70 years of experience, in 2015, the company has decided to develop an extensive range of geosynthetic products in order to fulfill client’s requirements both in and out of the civil engineering market.

Thanks to our policies, ALVAFELT geotextiles are manufactured in compliance with the European norm ISO 9001. Furthermore, all our products are manufactured in accordance with European geotextile norms and international standards (ASTM).

The Armando Alvarez geoshynthetics division take on the challenge of responding the need of efficient and sustainable products while maintaining a high level of commitment to the environment.

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