Woven geotextile manufactured from 100% virgin polypropylene high tenacity raffia filaments, especially designed to offer; separation, filtration, stability and reinforce solutions. Its superior resistance and tensile strength, mixed with an outstanding puncture resistance transmit to it an excellent performance and durability even in the long term.

Alvatex’s main applications are engineering projects where earthworks and foundations are required, and for road construction, parking lots, etc.




Road construction and maintenance

Parking lots

Working áreas

Sport fields

Features and benefits:

Reduces degradation of internal layers

Superior capacity for load distribution

Reduce pavement rutting

Reduce pavement and parking lots maintenance costs due to the increase in its lifespan

Optimal chemical stability against acid and alkaline soils

High shear modulus.

Product specifications:

Material Polypropylene or Polyethylene
Tensile strength From 17 KN/m to 100 KN/m
Roll width Up to 5.2 m

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