Woven geotextile manufactured from 100% virgin polypropylene high tenacity raffia filaments, laminated with a polypropylene layer especially designed to offer; separation, sealing and reinforcement solutions.

ALVAPOL main application is road construction, especially over soils that contain expansive clays in order to prevent or limit moisture ingress that carry out pavement damage. It is likewise advisable to be used during design and construction of sport fields.




Road construction and maintenance

Parking lots

Logistics platforms

Sport fields

Features and benefits

Reduction of pavement and parking lots maintenance costs due to the increase in its lifespan

Optimal chemical stability against acid and alkaline soils

Avoidance of the adverse effects in routes occasioned by the shrink-swell soils

Product specifications:

Material Polypropylene
Product construction 85gr/s + lamination (1 or 2 sides)
Roll width Up to 3.8 m

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