Alvagrid PET

Flexible reinforcement geogrid, manufactured with high molecular weight high tenacity polyester yarns by precision knitting process along with black PVC saturation coating. This product stands out for its high elasticity, high tensile strength and a low creep.

ALVAGRID PET has been designed specifically for reinforcement and stabilization use in low bearing capacity soils and the construction of reinforced earth walls.




Reinforcement of the road and railroad sub base course

Stabilization and reinforcement of low bearing capacity soil

Stabilization and reinforcement of parking lots

Working platforms

Reinforced earth wall systems

Features and benefits:

Reinforced earth wall systems

Significant reduction of construction deadlines

Optimal chemical, biological and UVA-ray resistance

Excellent bonding soil/geogrid system due to its optimal reticular pattern

High modulus reinforcement properties

High tensile strength with low creep

Engineered to withstand both harsh construction conditions and aggressive soil environments

Product specifications:

Material Polymer-coated polyester
Tensile strengt Up to 200 KN/m (biaxial) and 250 KN/m (uniaxial)
Roll width Up to 5 m

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