Alvadrain M

This geonet is formed by continuous extrusion of two intersecting high-density polyethylene (HDPE) strands to form a high profile, biaxial net structure. The evenly spaced ribs, which intersect at 60º, keep flow channels open with a high capacity for water evacuation or gas collection.

The biaxial geonet design provides high flow characteristics in both machine and cross directions. The ability to allow complete flow in all directions is critical due to irregular surfaces caused by settlement and construction.

ALVADRAIN M is resistant to chemical and biological agents commonly present in natural soils and organic or inorganic waste; also stabilized with carbon black for resistance against UV degradation.




Landfill construction and sealing


Irrigation tanks

Civil engineering works

Features and benefits:

High capacity drainage, even if subjected to heavy weights and small inclinations

In landfill sealing applications, reduction of the coating thickness of 17 cm (6.69’’) in comparison to the conventional design

Disminución de la base del terraplén debido a la posibilidad de incrementar su pendiente.

In the construction of new landfills, reduction for the base thickness of approx. 100 cm (39.7’’) with regard to the conventional design

Product specifications:

Material High-density polyethylene (HDPE)
Thickness 4, 5, 6 and 7 mm (157.48, 196.85, 236.22 and 275.59 mil)
Geocomposite According to the requirements, a non-woven polypropylene/ waterproof film geotextile can be added
Roll width Available in 2 and 4 m (6.56 and 13.12’)

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